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Management Team

General Manager (Technical)

Engr. Mumammad Anwar Ul Haq

Head of JITS
Executive Director (Technical)

Janib Khan

Executive Director (Marketing)

Dr.Awal Shah

M.S (UK)

Shahid Latif Anwar

Providing Best Services for Repair /Refurbishment of Gas /Steam and Hydel Turbine Components in Pakistan!

Mission Statement

The strength of our Technical and Engineering capabilities are the basis of our business, further reinforced by our commitment to Quality Standards, Customer’s Satisfaction and adherence to HSE Standards.


• First ever High Tech Workshop in private and public sector in Pakistan, equipped with the state of the art machines, technology and professional expertise .

• Foreign Trained Engineers & Technicians maintain job quality of International Standards.

• Repair and Refurbishment Services of Gas Turbines / Steam Turbines at very competitive cost, with International Warranty.

• Full fledged NDT facility under supervision of Level III experts.

• Benefits will also accrue to Oil & Gas Sector


• JITS is the only technically and professionally sound company to undertake the repair and maintenance of Gas Turbine Components in Pakistan.

Our infrastructure

• CGTM Workshop, Faisalabad,

• Alzeqri Engineering, Dubai,

• MRF, Kamra

• Gas Turbine Systems, Texas USA

• And technical experts allow us to network and support our services Nationally and Internationally.

• We endeavor to earn our customer’s trust on every project we serve with a view to maintain long term relationship.

JITS Islamabad & Its Allied Companies

Experience and Professionals

MEC Engineering, having vast experience in Oil & gas Industry, has ventured on establishing state – of - the - art Engineering workshop under API applicant of Spec 5CT, Spec 7 & Spec 6A, in Islamabad. MEC Engineering API Workshop is planned under the supervision of highly qualified engineers of International repute, to be fully equipped with modern & advance technology / equipment to cater for present day and future demand of the industry for all OCTG connections. MEC Engineering API Workshops has developed Quality Assurance Policy & System to ensure strict compliance to ISO 9001 & ISO TS 29001.

JITS Clients