Fertilizer Plants

JITS is fully capable Performed Jobs Gland Sleeve, Break Down Sleeves , Impeller s Centrifugal Air Compressor Rotor Repair .

General Fertilizer Engineering Works Done in JITS Workshop

Sr.# Date Job Description Client Name Industry Remarks
1 21-Jul-14 Babbitting of Bearing Fauji Fertilizer Company Fertlizer Plant Completed
2 27-Oct-14 Re Babbitting of Bearings Fatima Fertilizer Fertlizer Plant Completed
3 5-Dec-13 Plasma Coating and machining of Steam Turbine Rotor PT 1502 Fatima fertilizer Company Fertilzer Plant Completed
4 19-Jun-14 Repair of Gas Turbine Combustion CAP and LINER Fr 5 Fatima Fertilizer Fertilzer Plant Completed
5 22-Dec-15 Refurbsihment of Combustion Liner of FR 5 Fauji Fertilizer Company Fertilizer Plant Completed
6 20-May-13 Plasma Coating of Impeller & Wearing Rings Engro Fertilizer Fertilizer Plant Completed
7 25-May-13 Plasma Coating of sleves Fatima fertilizer Company Fertilizer Plant Completed